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JK Marine Supply BV

The history of JK Marine Supply B.V. goes back to the year 2002, when it’s mother concern Justkar Sealing Company BV has been established.

This company delivers high quality pumps, mechanical seals and electric motors.

The core-business of JK Marine Supply B.V. is supplying the shipping market with A-quality provisions and stores, from our own brand both national and international which are related to the latest quality demands and prices. We separate ourselves with land specialties from any country, like Russian, Polish, Asia, Indian and Turkish (Halal) food.

From our warehouse located in Strijen, in the port of Rotterdam we are serving the vessels all over the world with a wide range of variety stores and provisions. We serve vessel offshore and in port, whether it is a birth, anchorages or off-port limits

Our expertise of the market makes JK Marine Supply B.V. a reliable supplier with an excellent service and a quick delivery time.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers on the highest level, in our eyes you are not just a buyer, but an important partner which needs to be served at all times.

Our personnel exists of a dedicated people which are standing ready to serve you 24/7 to guarantee the orders will be received on time ,according our quotations and customer instructions.

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